Curio Quest Promo Codes 2016

Get the most recent Curio Quest promo codes 2016 right down below if you want to get some good awesome xp and coins for playing the game. We certainly have offered different promo codes which we have attempted to discover it through online. Now it is your turn to utilize it. Seize the codes now!

Obtaining unusual heroes in Curio Quest that happen to be two actors and earlier mentioned is absolutely tough, and also the more rare the Curio that you want is, the greater number of tough it is actually to get hold of it. Nonetheless, if you want to be aggressive inside the activity and particularly PvP or Faction Competitions, you need rare Curios and that i am here to acquire some more quickly than your competition. And perhaps you’ll even credit score an Legendary or two to rule the globe with out issues!

So if you are wanting to know what to do to enhance the likelihood of obtaining a unusual Curio quicker, read our information and you will probably arrive there!

To begin with, it is worthy of mentioning that receiving exceptional Curios without spending premium money is actually difficult. Regardless if referring to two star Curios that happen to be discovered throughout the missions as DNA, your chances are lower and you should devote lots of standard coins to have them. 3 and above are just about impossible to have swiftly – but it is worth trying. So conserve as much coins as you can by replaying more aged steps again and again, then after you have several 100 coins, visit the stages the place you meet up with two stars and earlier mentioned monsters – then it’s up for young lady luck to reward you with a rare Curio and you will eventually buy it, even though it may possibly take a few times.

A less strenuous option to have a exceptional Curio as well as a chance in a a number of-actors one is to obtain gemstones totally free. You can get a Premium Disc for just one Curio for 300 Gems and you may get these 300 totally free by actively playing the video game and doing the work smart. Here is how to get it done:

Recommend Close friends! For your first recommendation that you get, you may receive a two celebrity Curio as well as a reward of 50 Gemstones. Always keep referring buddies, and once you get to 15, you will definitely get 200 totally free versions. You already possess 50 Gems in your products, which means now you have 300 Gems to acquire a premium one particular.

Discovering it challenging to get testimonials? Talk about your Curio Quest promo codes right here on Contact Touch Perform and you’ll arrive there right away. Better still, if you manage to get to 25 recommendations, you will definitely get an additional about three star Curio. You would be with a roll presently!

Curio Quest Promo Codes for Gems Curio Quest Promo Codes Curio Quest Promo Codes 2016

Curio Quest Promo Codes 2016

  1. Get 5000xp and 2500 coin
  2. Curio Quest promo code 1500xp
  3. Get amazing gifts for Curio Quest
  4. Greater Fortitude Boost increase 120+ health
  5. Hydragon plus 2500xp
  6. More Curio Quest promo codes

Alright, these are the only 6 Curio Quest promo codes 2016 which can help you get saving when you want to barely purchase some stuff for playing the amazing Curio Quest game. For more promo codes Curio Quest, we ensure you to visit this site or other amazing coupon website. Check the daily offer from the official website too. Thank you for visiting.

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